Who am I?

I’m Jean Valjean!

Okay, I’m not, although I wish I was Sutton Foster.

While I don’t have the talent to be a Broadway star, I like to write. I miss writing. However, I’m not really a fan of blogging. It’s like screaming into the void and hoping someone will hear.

I decided to try Substack so I can focus more on writing and less on SEO and fancy graphics and social media reach.

What will I write about?

A little bit of everything, but it will almost always relate to Catholicism, working, and/or parenthood. I have six kids on earth (plus four in heaven), I currently work full-time, and I’m still hanging on to my Catholic faith by the skin of my teeth. Pretty much everything is a struggle these days, though I’ll be the first to admit I’m luckier than most. If you’ve read my book, are a member of my Facebook group, or follow my Facebook page, you should have a pretty good idea of where I stand on things.

Bottom line: if you think Pope Francis is a heretic antipope and Donald Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you will not like my content.

Similarly, if you think the Pope Emeritus was entirely too conservative and Joe Biden is the greatest president and Catholic the USA has ever known, you will also not like my content.

(Disclaimer: I may occasionally write about political subjects but politics will not be the sole focus of my content.)

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I'm the author of "The Catholic Working Mom's Guide to Life" (OSV Press, 2019). I've been married 20 years; I have six kids on earth and four in heaven.